Time flies with the brand new 'Ventertainment' system

An extended look at our award-winning in-flight entertainment experience

Revealed at Air Expo 2018, the reception around what we have planned for the future of the Travelers experience has been explosive. We're bringing comfort, excitement, and enjoyment back to air travel. It's not about how many of you we can fit in a plane, but it's about making sure that your journey from A to B is one you'll remember, for the right reasons.

A passenger exploring the latest Ventertainment system and noise canceling headphones
A passenger exploring the latest Ventertainment system and noise canceling headphones

Against the backdrop of digitalization and changing customer requirements, Vent Airlines recognized that the company needed to modernize the aircraft appearance in order to remain up to date. The Group invests two billion euros a year in new, fuel efficient aircraft. The premium on board and ground services meet individual customer requirements. The introduction of a new business class with the new Boeing 777-9 in two years is an example of how the path to modernization will be consistently pursued in the future.

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Vent Airlines have developed strong partnerships over the years. Together, we continue to work closely with the aviation community to enhance passenger comfort and facilitate sustainable aviation growth.


Here's the Ventertainment Guide for this month's in-flight cinematic experience:

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Brian Elliot

Brian Elliot

PR Manager, Vent Airlines

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About Vent Airlines

Vent Airlines is an airline based in Australia. The airline is the biggest airline is Oceania and the third biggest airline in Asia. In 2016, Vent began operating in Europe and is currently flying over 2,600 flights per week to over 60 European cities in over 30 countries.