Reuniting pets with their owners in pandemic times

Vent Airlines has decided to take on one of the most difficult tasks ever - bringing pets home after months apart from their owners during this unpredictable time.

Our pets provide love and comfort, especially during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, but traveling with pets today is more complicated and many pet owners are being separated from their pets for months at a time.

With more than 1,000 pets currently stranded, Vent Airlines are now going the extra mile to bring your pets home.

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The pandemic hit pet travel and pet relocation hard, and the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association, a nonprofit trade group for companies that specialize in moving pets, had suggested owners wait out the travel restrictions. ​
– Peter Holliday, Comms Director for Mission Impawwsible


Last month, however, the world saw slight ease in restrictions for pet travel and this is when Vent Airlines jumped at the opportunity to start Mission Impawssible – to bring our furry friends home.

Since July...

  • We have helped reunite 137 cats and dogs to their families
  • We travelled the longest distance ever being over 10,000 miles from Florida, USA all the way to Sydney, Australia
  • We are working together with 10 major airline companies to raise funds for various animal charities worldwide
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Introducing: Mission Impawssible
How Vent Airlines is stepping up to reunite pets with their parents

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Together with PetRelocation, Groovy Pet Transport, and Worldwide Animal Travel, we are making Mission Impawssible -> pawssible!

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Feel free to download our updated Pet Travel Terms & Conditions below:

Vent Airline Pet Travel T&C.pdf

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